Hi, my name is Aron Eswaran, and welcome to my commerce blog! Through this blog I will be discussing news about the market and economy, as well as how these events will be affecting my portfolio.

Unfortunately I have had to create this blog on the last weekend of the task through a new account, because my previous blog/account has not been working at all. This means that I have lost my introduction (ie. what shares I started with and my reason for purchasing them). I will try to remember as best I can, but please take note that my introduction may not be as good as others for this reason.


For this task my strategy has will be to focus on only a few areas and to try and do well in these specific areas, as has been suggested by many professionals. These areas will be as follows:

Mining. I chose this area because it is one the most successful areas in the Australian market, especially specific niches like coal. For this reason I have purchased stocks in Rio Tinto, as they are a trans-national corporation that have been very successful.

Supermarkets. This is a very safe and consistent area that will likely always yield good results. This is because no matter what happens in the economy, people still need essentials such as food. For this reason I have purchased stocks in Wesfarmers, as they are one own Coles, arguably the most successful supermarket chain in Australia, as well as other strong¬†companies like Bunning’s.

Health. Similarly to supermarkets, this is another safe and consistent area because no matter what happens, people will always need health products. For this reason I have purchased stocks in Blackmores, a very successful health product company.

The final area is banks. Banks in Australia have usually done well, and they also can control parts of the economy. There are four big banks in Australia, so I have chosen Commonwealth Bank of Australia as it was suggested by some experts.

I also decided to buy some stocks in areas I was interested in, and for this reason I bough some stocks in Coca Cola Amitil and Telstra.

To recap, I bought stocks in Wesfarmers, Rio Tinto, Blackmores, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Coca Cola Amitil and Telstra.